Art Projects support Intercultural Awareness Program at Senior Residence in Munich, Germany

Around the world, artists are creating exhibitions that have the potential to make a real difference in the lives of seniors. Projects such as this one at a facility in Germany can evoke stories from the past and spark communication among seniors.

4 Ways Video Games Are Good For You

Pass the controller to Grandma! Studies have shown video games stimulate the minds of seniors and can improve their overall health and longevity. Better cognitive function, memory, and balance are just a few benefits of playing video games for older adults.


Volunteer to Help the Elderly

Celebrate the holiday season by giving back–start helping seniors in your community today! There are many opportunities to volunteer to make a difference in the lives of elderly in cities near you.

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Next-Generation Undergarments Defend Against Falls, Infections

This article gives new meaning to the phrase “semper ubi sub ubi!” A new wave of undergarments for the elderly promise exciting technological developments in the area of senior health. These items of clothing will be able to sense and cushion impending falls, as well as monitor seniors’ urinary health.

smart underwear

VA Benefits: The Best Kept Secret to Paying for Senior Care

According to research conducted by A Place for Mom, 69% of senior veterans are not aware of VA benefits available to them. Resources like Aid and Attendance can provide assisted living access to seniors who might not be able to afford it otherwise!

The Benefits of Caregiving

In contrast to the commonly cited “caregiver burden” facing those in helping roles, “caregiver gain” refers to the rewards of caregiving. More and more, studies are demonstrating these surprising physical and cognitive benefits.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Staying Sane

At Javelin, we are very grateful for and appreciative of all the hard work caregivers in our senior facilities do on a daily basis. Whether caregiving is your career or your role within the family, these tips can take the edge off and help you manage your stress to prevent burnout.

Top Ways Americans Misconceive Aging and What Experts Say About It

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